"It's HOWL-oween!"

Many Great Danes view the approach of Halloween with apprehension. As early as September, they begin wondering "what will our humans do to us this year?" Contrary to what we would like to believe, most Great Danes do NOT like getting dressed up. The thought of climbing into silly clothes and "strutting their stuff" in front of a bunch of strangers is downright embarrassing. Think about it. What's in it for them? Unlike human children, Great Danes in costume are not allowed to beg for candy -- and if there is any candy around, they sure don't get to eat any of it.

Ask any Great Dane and he'll probably tell you there is only one good thing about Halloween. It's the Howl. There is a grass roots movement among the canine populations to put the "Howl" back in Halloween. If you must dress up your dog, please show some consideration. Let him know that for once it is perfectly okay to HOWL. Afterall, it's HOWL-oween.

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