"Vada's Valhalla"

DaDane of DaWeek is supposed to be funny, but I don't chuckle 365 days of the year. Things happen. Recently a friend died, and I miss him. He ran a small mail list called the Bad Joke Factory. Every week Barclay sent the worst jokes he could find to those of us who were lucky enough to be on his BJF list. About a year ago he sent out "Why Dogs Are Better Than Men." I liked it so much that I immediately created a small web site featuring Barclay's funny essay. The pages bear his name, Barclay Ferm. If you haven't been there, then please go and have a laugh on Barc. He'd like that.

I probably don't need to say what this week's picture is about. Of course, when you come to "DaDane" you expect to see a Great Dane. So here we have Vada, who was raised with Gulliver. Gulliver died suddenly last month; then Vada fell ill and died about 10 days later. Born with megaesophagus, Vada required very special care. Most megaesophagus puppies do not survive puppyhood. Against all odds, Vada's mistress, Teresa LaBrie, kept her alive and well for five years.

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