"Big Night Out"

What started out as a simple night on the town ended in disaster. Stormy and Gallahad went bar hopping and before long they had consumed far too much alcohol. (Everyone knows Great Danes can't hold their liquor.)

One thing led to another and the two boys decided to get tattooed. Well, it was late. The tattoo parlors were all closed. "Aw shucks," said Gally. "What are we gonna do now?!"

It was a dangerous question.

After another drink at The Salty Dog, they decided to get their ears CROPPED. In their compromised state, they found a veterinarian willing to do the procedure. Unfortunately, they met Dr. Frank N. Stein at the same bar, and he too was compromised.

You can imagine their horror when, the next morning, Stormy and Gally were roused from their hangovers by odd sounds emanating from their heads.

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