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– Best Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Brindle –
VZTop Autumn V SeventhHeaven
Breeders: Lorraine Rainwater, Cindy Niske, Owners: Cindy & Glen Niske

2002 GDCA National Specialty
Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Dogs judged by  Ms. Lynette A. Pizzino

Puppy Dog, 6-9 months, Black

Entry # 619
(not listed in the catalog)

Puppy Dog, 6-9 months, Blue
Ladoguerie Imax
Breeder: Michele Valois-Desjardins

Puppy Dog, 6-9 months, Brindle
My-Jon's Major Leaguer
Breeder:  John & Myra Stusek

Puppy Dog, 6-9 months, Fawn
Maitau's Never Better
Breeders: Pat Ciampa, Helen Cross, Virginia Frieberg

Puppy Dog, 6-9 months, Harlequin
BMW LR No Boundries
Breeders:  William La Rosa, Hugo Gamboa

Puppy Dog, 6-9 months, Mantle
BMW LR Tonka Stuff
Breeders:  William La Rosa, Hugo Gamboa

Puppy Dog, 9-12 months, Black
Rave Dane's Inspiration Indidane
Breeders:  Wendy & Michael Jeske, Caron Honek

Puppy Dog, 9-12 months, Blue
(no entries)

Puppy Dog, 9-12 months, Brindle
Serenity's Sundance In The Sky
Breeder: Melanie Van Tassel

Puppy Dog, 9-12 months, Fawn
Lost Creek's Joseph V Dane Lane

Breeders:  Marsh Stoner, Sue Mahany

Puppy Dog, 9-12 months, Harlequin
Riverwood's Ferris
Breeder: Janet Deyoung

Puppy Dog, 9-12 months, Mantle
BMW Windrose What's The Buzz
Breeders: Nancy Parker, Greg Myhron

Bitches judged by  Ms. Jill Swedlow

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Black
Tinladhltmr Belle of the Ball
Breeder: G. Steven Feys

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Blue
Sirblu Kapadn Warrior Princess
Breeders: J.A. Murdock, Liz  Kapash

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Brindle
VZTop Autumn V SeventhHeaven
Breeders: Lorraine Rainwater, Cindy Niske

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Fawn
Entry # 660
(not listed in the catalog)

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Harlequin
Overlook's Gabarielle

Breeders: Karen & Robert Yoder

Puppy Bitch, 6-9 months, Mantle
Chroma Three Times Charmed

Breeder: JP Yousha

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months, Black
Warwick's Truely Scruptious
Breeders:  Douglas & Anne Toomey

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months, Blue
(no entries)

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months, Brindle
Brinlann's Get This Party Started
Breeders: Brian Witmier, Susan Hoke

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months, Fawn
Mor-Gan's Simply Irresistible
Breeders: Mark & Wendy Stier

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months, Harlequin
RSVP Magnificent Girl
Breeders:  Ronald & Sandra Peterson

Puppy Bitch, 9-12 months, Mantle
Chanoz Le Coeur De La Mer V Dakota

Breeders:  Lori Bielke


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