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 Created: 03/03/03


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Da Llama

March 03, 2003 – For the past two weeks I've been talking about my recent trip to New Mexico where I visited Ingrid Dohler. Ingrid lives on a mesa outside of Taos, where she can see for miles and miles. Not far from Ingrid there lives a llama. Whenever Ingrid drives anywhere, she has to pass the llama's house to get to the main road.

Another friend and Dane enthusiast, Paula Stebbins, had flown in for Ingrid's birthday bash, and we were staying together at Ingrid's. Paula and I did a lot of sightseeing while we were there. Every time we drove past the llama – who was usually relaxing in his paddock along with two horses – I "oohed-and-ahhed" about Ingrid's good fortune in having a llama for a neighbor. Finally, on the last day of our visit Paula said, "Ginnie, since you are so taken with the llama, why don't you try to shoot some pictures." Of course, Paula. Why hadn't I thought of that?

I climbed out of the car and approached the fence. The llama was way off in the distance. How do you call a llama? I tried this: "Here llama, llama, llama." To my amazement, that worked. The llama stood up and slowly ambled over. At first we were a bit wary of each other, but he turned out to be a very friendly llama. I rubbed his nose and scratched his chin. We chatted about llama things, while I took his picture and wished I could bring him home with me.

Later on, I asked Ingrid to tell me about the llama. Her answer? "It's just a llama." Ahem, Ingrid. There is no such thing as "just a llama." Does it have a name? Is it a boy-llama or a girl-llama? "I have no idea." Do you know its owners, Ingrid? "Nope."

Well, it takes a lot of people to make a world, and life would be pretty boring if we were all the same. Clearly Ingrid and I do not see eye to eye when it comes to llamas. That said, if I were ever fortunate enough to have a llama for a neighbor, you can bet I would figure out a way to meet its owners. I would know the llama's name, its sex and its age. I would have that llama over for tea and crumpets every Sunday. And I would definitely invite it to my next birthday party.

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