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 Created: 10/06/03


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October 6, 2003 – This week we have two portraits. The first features a Dane who is well-known to many who have been on the show circuit – "BISS CH Country Walk’s End it With a Z," aka SudZ. The second portrait features his son, "Dreamaker KT’s Crescendo v Lamar," aka Mozart. Both dogs are owned and loved by Margo and Larry Gaither (LaMar Danes). Margo contacted me right before the Nationals last year to ask if I would be interested in working on a series of commissioned portraits of both father and son. I was already familiar with Sudz, and delighted to have the opportunity to work with him, and I was anxious to meet Mozart. It sounded like it would be a fun project – and it was, mainly because Margo and Larry were so easy-going (they gave me a lot of artistic freedom) and the dogs were so photogenic.

So, without further ado, let's meet the boys:

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SudZ, My Special Man
by Margo Gaither

SudZ, bred by Vickie C. Balch of Country Walk Danes, has been a dream to own and love. Larry and I both share a very special bond with SudZ. He was our first show dog – and what a 'show' he has given us. During the two years we campaigned him, SudZ achieved a coveted Top Twenty ranking. What a remarkable experience that was for two novices like ourselves. Campaigning meant being on the road away from home several days a week. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work. We met some wonderful people along the way, breeders and owners, and we cherish our new friendships.

SudZ has since gone into retirement; his only job now is to live the life of a spoiled and happy Dane. He is over 5 years old but you would never know it, except for his gray muzzle. Every day Sudz spends many hours running the acreage, come rain or shine. I think he is still a puppy, at heart. One of his favorite companions is our little black cat named China. He is very devoted to her. Most nights they sleep together with China comfortably nestled between his legs. On those nights when China doesn't come home (she is a roamer) SudZ worries and constantly peeks his head out the cat door looking for her. If she doesn't show up, Sudz finally gives up and comes to bed with us. Sudz is my special man. There are so many things I could say about him, but it all boils down to this simple fact: I love him!

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Mozart, Daddy's Boy
by Margo Gaither

If SudZ is a momma's boy, then Mozart is a daddy's boy – and spoiled rotten. He is Larry's dog, 100%, thru and thru. Sure, Mozart loves me, but he WORSHIPS Larry. Then again, maybe he doesn't really love me, but only tolerates me because Larry loves me. Who knows? It is interesting that Mozart is so different from his dad, SudZ. He acts like a mischievous teenager. He is always into something he shouldn't be into. He is very smart and while he does know right from wrong, he always has to have his nose into something. If he's not chasing the cats, tearing out the stuffing from his toys, or eating my rose bushes or houseplants, then he's thinking hard about his next caper. When Larry's home, the boy can do no wrong. Larry seems to think I exaggerate Mozart's behavior, but really, I don't. He's a total rascal, and yet I still adore him. We both do.

Last Week's DaDane
I was pretty amazed by the enthusiastic response to last week's portrait of a black Dane. For those of you who inquired about the identity of the dog, please regard the piece as general (idealized) portrait of a Dane, instead of a portrait of any one particular Dane.

DaDane Prints and Commissions
Some of you asked about the availability of prints. I'm happy to report that I'm now producing large format "fine-art" prints, which I've been selling quietly through word of mouth for the past couple of months. At some point they will be available through my web site, but for now, you need to email me if you are interested. I plan to have some samples with me at the Nationals.

I will be available for commissioned portraits, too. Again, please contact me by email for more information.

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