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 Created: 08/19/02


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August 19, 2002 – A couple of weeks ago we talked about the "couch potato" gene which seems to be a ubiquitous trait in the Great Dane breed. (Click here if you missed it.) In the interest of pure scientific inquiry, I asked the audience to ascertain whether or not their Dane expresses this dominant genetic trait, and if so, to forward me the hard evidence. What you see here is the result of rigorous fieldwork by members of the "DaDane" community. Based on the data we have collected so far, it is clear to even the most uneducated eye that the couch potato gene runs rampant in black and harle bloodlines compared to the other colors. Here are the numbers: 61% black/harlequin (including mantle & merle), 35% fawn, 2% blue, and 2% brindle (not pictured).

Clearly, if you value your furniture, you might be better off selecting a brindle or blue Dane for your house pet. For those who are inclined to place the value of their Dane's comfort above the value of their furniture, the couch potato gene is not a big issue and any color should do. But what about those (ahem) "permissive" individuals who thoroughly enjoy seeing their Danes spread out in ridiculous, wanton poses? Well, our data suggests they can best indulge their fancy by avoiding brindles/blues and confining themselves the other colors.

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