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My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
Does yours?

We tried various brands of "glucosamine with chondriotin" pills on our elderly Great Dane, Merlin, and he didn't get the relief we were looking for – until we switched to a special LIQUID formulation.

I highly recommend a liquid glucosamine with chondroitin formula to anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Liquid formulations offer a much faster and more efficient absorption rate compared to pills.

Merlin, who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is feeling much better now, and I'm completely sold on the product!
                      — Ginnie Saunders

Click here to learn more

Adventures of Domino (black and white)
Alyce & Moose (fawn, merle)
AlmostaFarm's AlmostaCam (harle)
Ana and Tom's Dogs (black, boston, fawn, merle)
Ana's Album (black)
April's Home Page (fawn)
Armstrong Danes (fawn, mantle)
Arthur & Anna's World of Danes
Bailey Dane (white, deaf)
Baku's Web Page (blue)
Baron's Page (harle)
Ben's Home Page (white, a rescue)
Blade's Web Page (fawn)
Black Bear Danes (Great site!!! all colors)
Boarpoint Great Danes and Pointers (fawn)
Boomer's Personal Page (blue)
Brutus and Caesars Great Dane Page (harle, black)
Buckius: Danes and Roots (fawn)
Brutus's Page (black)
Buddy's Page, A Tribute (black)
Bullwinkle (boston-marked merle)
Bumpy Road Danes (harle)
Camel's Page (black)
Casey's Page (black)
Chase's Memorial Page (merle)
Cheyenne, the Warrior Dane (black)
Cindy and Asa's Home Page (harle)
Cindy and Bruno (pied harle, black,)
D'Artagnan (harle)
Daisy's Home Page (black)
Dana's Page (black)
Dane Dog Dillon (mantle)
DaneRus' Home Page (misc.)
Danes & Dogs (brindle, harle, black)
Dante, Ozzie & Saber (black, blue)
Dawne's Great Dane Page (brindle)
Debbie's Danes (features many rescue Danes)
Delilah's Page (deaf service dog, a merlequin)
Dewey's World (fawn)
Dijon's Page (fawn)
Dixie's Page (merle)
Dog House (merle, black)
Doopy Dogs (mantle)
Duke's Great Dane Page (brindle)
Evita's Home Page (black)
Fabian's Page (harle)
Fanina's Great Dane Tributes (harle, black)
Finnean, Story of a Deaf Dane (white)
Fiona's Web Site (fawn)
Francis's Doghouse
Franny's World (harle)
Frodo's Page (blue merle)
Geronimo (brindle)
Gracie of GracyLand (fawn – a GREAT site!)
The Great Danish Dog (brindle, mantle)
Gus the Great Dane (merle)
Gypsymoth's Great Dane Page (black)
Hercules (white)
Hilrdane's Home Page (fawn, brindle)
Horace's Adventures (brindle)
Indy's Page (brindle)
Indy, Nellie & Sierra (brindle, black, fawn-mix)
Ivy's Page (mantle)
J.E.B.'s Home Page (fawn)
Jade, the Blue Great Dane
Jake: Doggie Fun's Pooch of the Year
       (A sweet merle, limb amputated, osteosarcoma)
Jake's Photo Album
Janet's Harley D (fawnequin)
Jazmin's Great Dane Page (merle)
Jerri's Kids (brindle)
Jester's CyberDen (boston)
Jethro's Place (fawn)
Jewel's Page (harle)
Jim G. Dane's Photo Album (assorted colors)
Jupiter's Home Page (harle/pied)
Justace (harle/pied)
Kaya & Company (fawn)
Kiowa, the Warrior Princess (harle)
Land of "Ozzie" (fawn)
Little Ruger (blue)
Loki's Web Page (blue)

LuvMyDane's Home Page (fawn)
Maggie and Gambler (fawn)
Madame Nikkei (merle)
Marley's Dog House (fawn)
MasterDane (mantle-marked merle)
Max (fawn)
Michael J. Smith's Danes (harle)
Miss Olyvia (deaf white)

MO Rea (harle)
Mojo's page (harle)
Molly the Magnificant (fawn)
Moose (black)
Morgan (boston/mantle)
Mythical Danes (merle, fawn)
Nancy Hall's Great Dane Lane (harle, fawn)
Newt & Kilo's Home Page (fawn, harle)
Nigel & Coco's Page (blue)
Nona's Danetown (black, fawn)
Old Port Danes (fawn)
Otto (fawn)
Olyvia's Home Page (white, deaf)
Oxford's Great Dane Kennel (fawn, black)
Panda's Page (fawn)
Petunia's Page (white)
Quay's Home Page (harle)
Random's Home Page (black)
Raven's Home Page (black)
Remo and Sophie's Page (name this coat color!!!)
ReoDane (harle)
Rhane's Home Page (boston marked merle)
Rob and Kirsten's Homepage (fawn)
Rocket the Great Dane (mantle)
Rodan's World (black)
Ruger's Page (fawn)
Sage's Pages (black)
SanDanes Home Page (fawn)
Saulsbury Gang (harle)
Scoobie's Page (black)
ScoobyDanes (fawn)
Scooby Doo (fawn)
Serenity Dane Page (harle, deaf white)
Shadow's Page (black)
Shadowfax's Page (merle)
Shani's Great Danes (harle, black)
Shiner's Web Site (black)
Skye's Page (blue)
Starbuck's Doghouse (fawn)
Stonewall Great Danes (assorted rescues)

Stormy's Page (black)
Sugar (harle/boston/mantle)
Sultan's Page (fawn, in French)
Sunny's Danes (harle, deaf white)
Sunrise Great Danes (fawn/brindle)
Tank's Page (fawn)
Tara's Precious Pack (black, merle)
TinaDane's Titan (boston/mantle)
Toby's Corner (brindle)
Tonka and Panda (black, fawn)
Tonka's Page (fawn)
Triton's Page (black)
Tuxedo (boston)
Vegas (blue)
Ward Home Page (harle)
Vision Great Danes (harle, merle)
WiccaDane Kennels (harle, mantle, black)
Wild Cliff Great Danes and Redbones (harle, fawn)
Wildhorse Farm (fawn)
Willow Bridge Great Danes (merle)
Wood's Great Dane Web Page (fawn, brindle)
WoofenDane (fawn)
Xena's Puppy Page (mantle)
Xenophon's Web Page (brindle)
Zeke's Page (mantled merle)
Zeke's Paw Page (boston marked merle)

Zeus' Home Page
Zeus & Ruger's Home Page (black, blue)
Ziggy & Jester's Webpage (fawn, harle)
Zira's Page (blue)
Zoe's Page (harle, CA rescue)

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