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Great Dane Breeders, North American:

Before you purchase a Great Dane, please do your homework! We have not evaluated the breeders listed here; you must determine for yourself the quality of each breeder. For helpful information about choosing a reputable breeder, please visit these important Web pages: Interviewing a Great Dane Breeder and Adopting a Dane Pup.

United States

Blue Moon Danes (blue, black)

Fleckenhaus' Great Danes (harle)
Goldstrike Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Kennel KappaDane (blue, black)
Majestic Pride (fawn, brindle)
Michaeldane/Jaybee Danes (harle, mantle)
Saint Germain Great Danes (fawn)

LJ's Danehill (harle, black, fawn, brindle)


Amador Great Danes (black, fawn)
Bigfoot Legend Danes (harle, mantle)
California Dreaming Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Dane Affaire (fawn)
Davishire Danes (harle, mantle)

My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
Does yours?

We tried various brands of "glucosamine with chondriotin" pills on our elderly Great Dane, Merlin, and he didn't get the relief we were looking for – until we switched to a special LIQUID formulation.

I highly recommend a liquid glucosamine with chondroitin formula to anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Liquid formulations offer a much faster and more efficient absorption rate compared to pills.

Merlin, who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is feeling much better now, and I'm completely sold on the product!
                      — Ginnie Saunders

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Express Danes (harle, mantle)
Glen Glo's Great Danes (harle)
MacDanes Great Danes (fawn)
Pask Danes (fawn, brindle)
Sixstar Danes (harle, mantle) 
Spotwerks Harlequin Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Stargate Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Sunnyside Farm (fawn, brindle)
Wolke Danes (fawn, brindle)

Cheshire Great Danes (black and occasionally fawn)
Lagarada Great Danes (fawn)

Absolut Great Danes (blue, black,harle, mantle)
Sandale Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
SheriDane Great Danes (fawn, black, brindle, blue)
Stormeadow Danes (harle, mantle)

Casa Europa Great Danes (black, harle)
DX Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Kandu Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

Maydinoz (black, harle)
McEmn Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Peking Danes (black, blue)
Ramac Great Danes (black, blue)
Sardi Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Terragold Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

Almostafarm Harlequins (harle, mantle)
Scarbrough Fair (harle, mantle)
Victory Danes (blue, black)

Nightingale Great Danes (black, harle)

Raincross Great Danes (harle, mantle)

Cindane's Great Danes (black harle)
Ebon Danes (black)
Fair Oaks Great Danes (fawn, brindle, harle)
Grindstone Great Danes (harle, mantle)
KDR Danes (fawn, brindle, harle, black)
Little Egypt Great Danes (harle, mantle)

Trike Great Danes (fawn, brindle, harle, black)

Blackwatch Great Danes (fawn, blue)
Kativa Danes (fawn, brindle)
Owlwatch Great Danes (blue, fawn)
Tri-County Kennel (harle, mantle)
Von Otto Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

DaRenee Danes (harle, mantle)

Excalibur Danes (harle, mantle)
Shady Creek Danes (fawn)

Blue Star Danes (blue, black, brindle)

G'Dieter Danes (black, fawn, brindle)
MEJA Danes (fawn, brindle)
TINLAD (fawn, brindle, black, blue)

Perkadane Great Danes (harle, mantle)

Al Sijil Kennels (mantle, harle)
Kajon Danes (fawn, black)
Kwik-Dane (fawn, brindle)
Painted Meadow (harle, mantle)
Rokadane Homepage (fawn)
Sunny Brook Farm (harle, mantle)

Diamond Danes (fawn, brindle)
Heritage Hill Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
K-D Dane Great Danes (fawn)
Liberty Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Pearson Creek Great Danes (harle, mantle)

Ace-Hi Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

New Hampshire

Waccabuc Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Wil-Tor Great Danes (black, blue, fawn)

New Jersey
Hladik Great Danes (fawn, brindle, harle)
Lookout Kennels (fawn, brindle)
MAC Great Danes (harle, black, mantle)
Nan-Dee Danes (harle, mantle)
Shoreline Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Sunrise Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

New Mexico
Zia Great Danes (harle, mantle)

New York
Cresent Diamond Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Danosaur Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Dewitt's Court Great Danes (blue, black, harle)
Dream Spinner Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Nightendane (harle, mantle, black)
Roseland Farm (harle, mantle)
WYSIWYG (black, blue)

North Carolina
Avalon Great Dane (fawn)
Sierra Great Danes (fawn)
Von Shrado Great Danes (fawn)
Willowrun Great Danes (black, blue)
Winterlochen Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

Briggadane (harle, mantle)
GMJ Harlequin Country (harle, mantle)
MeadoWood Estate Danes (fawn, brindle)
Rain Master Danes (harle, mantle)
Michaeldane/Jaybee Danes (harle, mantle)
Shades of Excellence (blue, black)

Orion Great Danes (fawn, brindle, harle)
Red River Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Royal Sooner Great Danes (harle, mantle)

Legend's Great Danes (blue, black)
Notoriety Harlequins (harle, mantle)

Dragonslayer Castle Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Gems Danes (harle, mantle)
Misty Valley Great Danes (fawn)
Moonchild Danes (harle, mantle)
Sharcon Great Danes (black, blue, brindle, fawn)
Stefanelli Kennels (fawn, brindle)
Thrones Danes (fawn, black, blue)
Von Der Danes (harle, mantle)

South Carolina
Harlewood Danes
(harle, mantle)


Renegade Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

Anaya Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Appollo Great Danes (harle, black, mantle)
Celebrity Great Danes (harle)
Chromadane (harle, mantle)
Dagmar Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Dreamaker Danes (fawn, brindle, harle, mantle)
La-Mar Danes (fawn, brindle)
Littlehorse Great Danes (harle)
McDane Gang (blue, black, harle)
Seigreich Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Shakira Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
SisCo Great Danes (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
Taro Great Danes (fawn, black)
Von Bonehenge Great Danes (harle)

Blue Star Danes (blue, black, brindle)

Enterprise Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Imperial Danes
(harle, mantle)
Janus Great Danes (black, fawn)
Monarch Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Nuttree Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Oakridge Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Pyramid Great Danes (fawn)

West Virginia
Aspen Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Much Ado Danes (blue)
Shadow Wood Danes (harle, black)

Daynakin Great Danes (fawn)
Equity Harlequins (harle, mantle)
Esquire Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Heart of Gold Great Danes (fawn)
Keymaster Great Danes (black, blue)

Woodmyst Great Danes (harle, mantle)

Aftershock Great Danes (black, blue)
Autumnwood Hill Great Danes (harle, black)
Chanoz's Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Divine Acres (fawn)
Dreamweaver Great Danes
(harle, mantle)
ShelDane Great Danes (fawn, black)
Stellar Danes (fawn, brindle)
Sumner Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Witamy Great Danes (fawn, brindle)

Dakota Danes (harle, mantle)

Allyndane Great Danes (fawn, brindle) Located in AB
Borduas Great Dane (harle, mantle)
Located in QC
Citnalta Kennels (fawn, brindle)
Located in PE
Cockatrice Danes (harle, mantle)
Located in ON
Élevage La Christina
(blue, black) Located in QC
Élevage La Croy de Bayone (harle, boston, black)
Located in QC
Élevage Le Grand Saphir (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
Located in QC
MajsticDanes Reg'd (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
Located in ON
EriDom Kennels (fawn, brindle)
Located in ON
GrayDanes Kennel (all colors)
Located in ON
Joana's Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Located in QC
Les Dogues de la Muse (black, blue)
Located in QC
MarbleDanes (harle, mantle) Located in NS
Paquestone Great Danes (brindle, fawn)
Located in BC
Rockingdane (brindle, fawn)
Located in AB
Sabra Danes (harle, mantle)
Located in ON
Shebandowans Great Dane (fawn) Located in ON
Stonehenge Great Danes
(harle, mantle) Located in BC
Strider Kennels
(fawn, brindle, black)
Located in MB
Sunglo Great Daners (fawn, brindle)
Located in BC
Tanglewood Kennels (blue)
Located in ON
Tavernier Great Danes (black, blue)
Located in PE
Trojan Kennels
(fawn) Located in ON
Tsardanes (harle, mantle) Located in QC
Von Hapsburg Danes (fawn)
Located in BC
ZaJoBi Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Located in AB

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1998 Stud Dog Gallery
GDCA Breeders List
Great Dane Breeders (USA, Canada)
Great Dane Breeders Listing (an international listing)
Great Dane Kennel Names

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