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Before you purchase a Great Dane, please do your homework! We have not evaluated the breeders listed here; you must determine for yourself the quality of each breeder. For helpful information about choosing a reputable breeder, please visit these important Web pages: Interviewing a Great Dane Breeder and Adopting a Dane Pup.

My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
Does yours?

We tried various brands of "glucosamine with chondriotin" pills on our elderly Great Dane, Merlin, and he didn't get the relief we were looking for – until we switched to a special LIQUID formulation.

I highly recommend a liquid glucosamine with chondroitin formula to anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Liquid formulations offer a much faster and more efficient absorption rate compared to pills.

Merlin, who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is feeling much better now, and I'm completely sold on the product!
                      — Ginnie Saunders

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Blaue Kampfer & Rodney King Kennels (fawn, black)
Everlast Kennel (fawn, harle)

Amasa Kennels (fawn)
Audax Great Danes (fawn)
Chezdane Great Danes
Danaclese Great Danes (fawn)
Dane Dreamer Great Danes (harle)
Harahurst Great Danes (fawn)
Hildydane Kennels (harle, black, blue)
Maydinoz Kennel (harle)
Pipers Glen Great Danes (black)
Quintessa (harle, black)
Riesenhaft Great Danes (fawn)
Riesig Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Stordansk Kennels (harle)
Sydstan Great Danes (harle, fawn, black, blue)
Thunderfire Blue (blue, harle)
Warpaint Great Danes (harle, black)

Deutsche Doggen of Royal Stardust (blue)

Duitse Doggen van de Bijenberg (black, harle)
Duitse Doggen de Lathuy (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
Duitse Doggen Van de Waterwinning (blue)
Duitse Doggen Von Zillion (fawn, brindle)
Élevage des Fiers Alans (all colors)
Het Groot Banes (harle)
van't Oenselerheem (all colors)
Rhapsody in Black (harle, black)

Canil Ilha do Gerer (harle, black)
Canil Jardim Silva (harle, black, fawn, brindle, blue)
Canil Landes des Helds (harle, black)
Canil Macload (harle)
Canil Quasar (blue, black)
Canil Von Neustein (fawn)
Kayser Drache Kennel (harle, black, blue, fawn, mantle)
Gallicchio's Kennel (harle, black, mantle)
Kennel Von Oxemberg (harle, black, boston)

Arondyke Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Bonnoakleigh Great Danes (black, brindle)
Cantsfield Danes (blue, black)
Dainoak Great Danes (harle, blue, black)
Dainwood Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Damarkann Great Danes (harle)
DaneMoor Great Danes (fawn, black)
Darrington Great Danes (harle)
HelmLake Kennels (all colors)
Lambrini Great Danes (harle, mantle)
Metrella Great Danes (fawn, brindle, harle)
Primus Great Danes (all colors)
Ravendane (harle)
Roucandane (fawn, brindle, blue)
Selmalda Great Danes (fawn)
Vanmore Danes (all colors)
Yacanto Kennel (fawn, brindle)

Czeck Republic
From Minitz (fawn, brindle)
Nemecke Dogy (fawn)

Kennel Backerman (fawn, brindle)
Kennel Creo (fawn, brindle)
Kennel Great Bel (harle, black)
Kennel Horsebjerg (harle, black, blue)
Kennel Sandø (harle, black)
Kennel Slettemosegård (harle, mantle, black)
Kennel XXL (harle, black)
Ukrudt's Great Danes (black, harle, fawn)

De Beauderey (harle, black)
Domain de l'Ange Noir (all colors)
Elevage de Baussenque (fawn, brindle)
Elevage du Chateau de Siorac (harle, black)
Elevage des Chevaliers Du Graal (harle, black, blue)
Elevage de la Grisonniere (black, fawn, harle)
Elevage du Mourre d'Agnies (harle, black)
Jardin D'Eros (fawn, brindle)
La Benjamine (all colors)
Le Mas de Majoulieree (blue)
Terres de la Rairie Kennel (all colors)
Vallee du Prieure (fawn, brindle)

Anxious Great Danes (harle, black)
Danepark's Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Denim Danes (black, fawn)
Don Vito's Kennel (harle)
Giant Danes Kennel (fawn, brindle)
Helisain Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Jattilaisen Kennel (harle, black)
Kennel Bonel (blue)
Kennel Chic Carelia's (fawn, brindle)
Kennel Danemanian (black, harle)
Kennel Dogiwogin (fawn, black, blue, harle)
Kennel Global Danes (fawn, brindle)
Kennel Genedda (blue, black, harle, fawn)

Kennel Love-Dane's (fawn, brindle)
Kennel Magic Alaunt(black, harle)
Kennel Sajonne (blue, black, harle)
Ketomaen Kennel (black, harle)
Kozmic Blue's Kennel (blue)
Megappon Kennel (harle, mantle, black)
Poptokin Kennel (harle)
RiverCrest Kennel (black, blue)
Samlet Tanskandogit (fawn, brindle)

v. Allertal (fawn, brindle)
v. Blue Ground (blue, harle)
v.d. Bocksleite (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
v. Borntal
Canus Canum (black, harle)
Deutscher Doggen Club 1888 (in German) (Club, with Breeder Listings)
v.d. Colberger Heyde Danes
(harle, boston)
Deutscher Doggenzwinger Charisma
(fawn, brindle)
Deutscher Doggenzwinger Zum Stellingsmoor (black, harle, blue)
v. Dwergter Sand (harle, black, blue)
v. Erlkönig (harle, black, blue)
Friends Forever (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
v.d. Georgsmühle (fawn, brindle)
Henry Meyer's Doggenweb (black, harle)
v. Himmelkron (harle, black)
v.d. Horst (fawn, brindle)
v. Kloster Wiblingen (harle, black, fawn, brindle)
v.d. Krahnenburg (blue)
v. Mendener Berg
v. Nospheratus (blue, black)
vom Patronat (fawn, brindle, black, blue)
v. Rursee (blue)
v. Schlesien (harle, black)
v Schloss Friedenstein (blue, black, fawn, brindle)
v.d. Schlehhecke (blue)
Semper Fidelis Danes (blue, black)
del Sogno Grande (black, harle)
v. Trappenschuss Kennel (black, harle)
Liberte Great Danes (harle)
Licht des Nordens (harle, black)
Romanov Kennel (fawn)
Testarossa Musica (blue, black, harle)
v. Sonnenschein (blue)
v. Vechtetal (fawn, brindle, harle, black)
v. Vogtlandeck (harle, black, fawn, brindle)

of Bacardi Kennels (fawn, brindle, black, harle)
Lagymanyosi Foltos (harle, black, mantle)

Kripa Danes (black, harle)

Clasheford Great Danes (fawn)
Nulikim Great Danes (blue)

Allevamento degli Arikara (harle, black)
Allevamento dell'Area Dragonda (harle, black)
Allevamento della Baia Azzurra (all colors)
Allevamento del Dalma di Jonathan (harle, black, brindle)
Allevamento del Castel Levante (fawn, brindle)
Allevamento dell'Elsa (harle, black, fawn, brindle)
Allevamento del Castello delle Rocche
(all colors)
Allevamento dei Cento Scudi
(fawn, brindle)
Allevamento dei Cinegeti (fawn, brindle)
Allevamento dei Dogi (harle, black)
Allevamento Il Paradiso di Bella (harle, blue, black)
Allevamento del Leone Stellato (fawn, brindle, black, harle)
Allevamento Amatoriale " Lotos" (black, blue, fawn, brindle)
Allevamento Lucky Team
(harle, blue, black)
Allevamento dei Monti del Keraton (all colors)
Allevamento del Pian del Re
(harle, black, fawn)
Allevamento dei Tessalie (harle, black)
Allevamento di Jigo (fawn, brindle)
Allevamento di Tor Lupara (fawn, brindle, harle, black)
Allevamento della Val del Conca (harle, black)
Giardino dei Capovilla (harle, black)

Margenis Great Danes (harle)

Cresci Danes (black)
D´Iriso Kennel (all colors)

The Netherlands
Fortunello (harle)
Kennel v.'t Buitengebeuren (blue, black, harle)
van DeltaDog (harle, black)
van Llemsterland (black, harle, fawn, brindle)
v. Jolene's Silhouet (harle, mantle, black)
Kennel Van de Maginaris (fawn, brindle)
Great Danes Van Huis Halfweg (black, harle)
van de Ovidefarm (blue, black)
Of Silent Force (harle, black)
(fawn, brindle)
Rosherta Great Danes (black, blue, fawn)
Small To Big (blue, fawn)
Von Der Lifthrasir Kennel (blue)
van het Uiterste (fawn, brindle)

New Zealand
AtCamelot (harle)
Belcombe Great Danes (brindle, fawn)
Charlemagne Great Danes (fawn, brindle, harle)
Congistador Great Danes (fawn, brindle)
Crestwell Great Danes (harle)
Faondein Great Danes (fawn)
Monteral Great Danes (blue, black)

Galanthus Great Danes (black, blue)
Kennel Dane-Team (fawn, brindle)
Kennel Skytrouble (harle, fawn)
Kennel Molosserix (black)
Kennel Vestled (fawn)

De Miranko (brindle, fawn)
Leopardus (brindle, fawn)
Strona Domowa Pedrusia (black, blue)
Thidalium (black, harle, fawn, brindle)
Univers (fawn, brindle)

Casa dos Dogues de Anaval (harle, black, fawn)

von Blauem Blut Kennel (blue, black)
Premia Kennel (harle, black)

Alano's Shtat (harle, black)
Immortelli Kennel (harle, black, fawn, brindle)
Kinolog Club (harle, black)
Old Bluz (harle, black)
S Isaevskogo Podvorya (blue)

South Africa
Chardonee Great Danes (harle, black)

Dizel Domino (harle, black, mantle)

Great Danes "vom Blauen See" (blue, black)
Of Absolute Empire (fawn, brindle, black, harle)

Can Siraca (fawn, brindle) (in Spanish)
Caesar Dogos (fawn, brindle)
Orcruz & Mumartin (black, harle, fawn) (in Spanish)
de Ozekydom (harle, black, blue)

Banderillas Kennel (fawn, brindle)
Beaugrande's Grande Danois (black, harle)
v. Blauen See (blue, black)
Boarhunters Kennel (blue)
Bullcronans Kennel (blue, black)
Diplomatic's Kennel (fawn)
Great Beauty Great Danes (all colors)
Great Danes of Grandison's (harle, black)
Grand Danois, Harlekin Och Svart (harle, black)
Great Beauty Great Danes (blue)
Hultangens Kennel (fawn, brindle)
JuanRona's Kennel (harle, mantle, black, blue)
Kennel Kingsize (harle, black, blue)
Kennel Yellowskins (fawn)
Le Grand'z Kennel (harle, black)
Lloyd Wilners (blue, black)
Molosserix Kennel (black, blue)
Pricey Patches (harle, black)
Rainshoe's Kennel (blue)
Scandinavian Breeders on the Internet
Sjökullens Kennel (blue, black)
Yacanto Kennel (fawn, brindle)

Discovery Kennel (harle, black, fawn, brindle)

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