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Breeding and Genetics

My Great Dane has ARTHRITIS.
Does yours?

We tried various brands of "glucosamine with chondriotin" pills on our elderly Great Dane, Merlin, and he didn't get the relief we were looking for – until we switched to a special LIQUID formulation.

I highly recommend a liquid glucosamine with chondroitin formula to anyone whose dog is suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. Liquid formulations offer a much faster and more efficient absorption rate compared to pills.

Merlin, who recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is feeling much better now, and I'm completely sold on the product!
                      — Ginnie Saunders

Click here to learn more

Achieving Genetic Health for Dogs

"Basic Harlequin Breeding" by L. Feddema
AKC Great Dane Standard
Breeders Directory (US)
Canine Genetics Articles
The Canine Diversity Project
The Chocolate/Liver Colored Great Dane
Chromadane's Genetics & Welfare Links
(excellent resource)
Coat Color Genetics
Colors in Harlequin Breeding
(lots of photos)
Conquering Inherited Disease
"Culling" by Louise Feddema
The Dog Genome Project
Eliminating Genetic Diseases in Dogs: A Buyer's Perspective
Fundamentals of GD Color Genetics
GD Color Strains
GD Pedigree Page
GDCA Approval of Mantle Coat Color
GDCA Breeders List
Great Dane Breeders
Great Dane Standard
The Harl to Merle Phenotype
Harlequin Coloration Theories
Herpes Infections in Dogs
Illustrated Standard for the GD
Inheritance of Great Dane Coat Color
Inherited Diseases & Traits in Great Danes
Laura Munro's Genetic Information & Links Page
Mantle Dane Genetics
Mantle Gene: Phenotype is not Genotype
Mismarks in harlequin Breeding
Piebald Dane
Should You Breed Your Dog or Bitch?
Should You Breed your Great Dane?
Thoughts on Responsible Breeding
Understanding Color Breeding in the Great Dane
Whites: Genetic problems, owning & breeding
What Makes a Breeder "Responsible"

Feeding and Food
API Report on Dog Food
Arndt on "Nutrition and Bloat"
Arndt on "Whole Living Foods"
BARF Danes (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods)
Billinghurst: An Interview
Bones and Raw Foods Diet
Bones of Contention
Brand Name Comparison Chart
Buying Commercial Pet Food: Checklist
Commercial Dog Food Companies
Commercial Dog Food Ingredients & Labels
Common Myths About Canine Nutrition
Dog Biscuit, Treat & Food (recipes)
Dog Eat Dog: what's inside the food we feed
Dog Food Comparison Chart
Dog Food Ingredients: Official Definitions
Dogs Thrive on Bones
Ethoxyquin in Food
Feeding Your Great Dane
Food Not Fit for a Pet
Great Dane Treats (recipes)
Moc's Liver Treats (recipe)
Polluted Pet Food
Raw Meaty Bones Home Page
USDA Nutrient Database
Understanding Dog Food Labels
What's Really in Pet Food?
Why we Don't Feed Puppy Food To Great Danes

Frequently Asked Questions

DogLogic's Great Dane Facts
Georgia Thomas Great Dane FAQs
Great Dane, FAQ, #1
Great Dane, FAQ, #2
Great Dane, FAQ, Feeding

Great Dane Health Foundation of America
GDHFA's Mission
Ear Mites Article
Enzymes & Probiotics Article
Food Allergy/Food Intolerance Article
Health Screening Article
Jogging with your Dog Article
Massage Therapy Article
Thyroid Article
Training your Dane Article

Linda Arndt, Feeding andHealth
Puppy Feed Program and Puppy Guidelines
Adult Feeding Program
Senior Feed Program
Feed Program for Orthopedic Problems
Balanced Bland Diet For Digestive Upset
Feeding A Raw Diet - BARF
Raw Diet Options
Lamb & Rice Diets
Criteria - List of Better Dog Foods
Do I Need To Use A Puppy Food?
Amount to Feed Large and Giant Breeds
Calcium, Do I Supplement?
The Beet Pulp Myth
Viable Probiotics on Kibble
The Problem With Mixing Different Brands of Food
A Healthy Gut The Basis of Wellness
Selecting a Better Food
Puppy Guidelines
Whole Foods for Disease Prevention
My Dog Is A Picky Eater
The Importance of Enzymes in a Diet
The Myth About Corn
Oxy-Drops – What Are They?
An Interview With Eagle Foods
Coenzyme Q-10 Supplementation (Article by Eugene Wagner)
Guide To Recognizing Bone Diseases
Natural Ways To Handle Orthopedic Pain
Orthopedic Growth Problems - Examples
Getting Help with HOD
Let's Talk About HOD
HOD - Examples
Bloat & Allergies – Its Relationship to Yeast
On My Soapbox – Purdue Bloat Study
Suggestions for Controlling a Yeast-Fungus Infection
Systemic Yeast Infections - Candida Albicans
Reoccurring Ear Infections
Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics
Vaccine Reaction Prevention
Vaccine Reactions - Examples
Giardia Protozoa (diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss)
Bladder Infections - UTI
Probiotic/Digestive Enzymes/Vitamin C/Cereal Grass Supplementation (Article by Eugene Wagner)
Grief and Loss – Starting Over
Saying Good-Bye
Blackwatch Puppy Vaccine Schedule
Purchasing A Blackwatch Puppy
Preparing For A New Litter
Should I Crop My Great Dane Puppy?
When Do I Spay And Neuter?
Ear Taping Instructions & Photos

Louise Feddema's Help Pages
Basic Great Dane Anatomy
Dane Info Resource Site
GD Rescue Contact Directory (listed by state)
Health & Welfare Articles
Health & Welfare Articles - Part 2
Puppy Buyers Guide
Puppy Feeding Guide

Publications, Mail Lists, Chat
Alanomania Magazine (in Italian)
Canine Times Ezine
Canine Health Naturally
Dane World Magazine
Directory of Great Dane Mail Lists (Louise Feddema's cool links)
DogFancy Online Magazine
The Great Dane Reporter Magazine
Subscribe to the Great Dane Mail List
Great Dane Mail List: Subscription Info
GDML (Mail List) Postings Page
Pet Mailing List Links
Great Dane Chat Room I
Great Dane Chat Room II
Great Dane Tribe

Blackwatch Puppy Feed Program and Puppy Guidelines
Ear Taping: No Gooies, No Irritation
GD Puppy Selection Considerations
How to Interview a Breeder
Interviewing a Breeder
Puppy Strangles (Juvenile Cellulitis)
Stages of Canine Development
Thoughts on Responsible Breeding
Tips for Choosing a GD Puppy
Waccabuc's Puppy Guide
What Makes a Breeder "Responsible"
Why we Don't Feed Puppy Food To Great Danes

Aggressiveness on a Leash
Alpha Boot Camp (Becoming the Alpha)
The Alpha Factor
American Dog Trainers Network
Canines of America: World of Dog Training
Crate Training
Clicker Training for Dogs
Dog Obedience & Training
DogPatch Dog Agility Page (This is THE place to go for agility links!)
Dr. P's Training Links
Establishing Yourself as Pack Leader
Obedience Articles (Lyn Richards)
Obedience & Training Links
Therapy Dog Associations
Therapy Dog Team Training
Therapy Dogs

Miscellaneous Great Dane Topics
1998 GDCA National Specialty Pictures

1997 GDCA Nationals Pictures
1996 GDCA Nationals Pictures
Australian Danes
Buying a Great Dane Wisely
California Dane Day! (Great Dane gathering)
Crating Your Dane
Cost of Owning a Great Dane
CyberPet Great Dane Page
GDCA National Info
Great Dane Breeders Listing (snail mail/non-web)
Great Dane Conformation Clinic (Jill Swedlow)
Great Dane Conformation Seminar (Nicki Riggsbee)
Great Dane Health Foundation of America
Great Dane Health Issues
Great Dane Home Page (frames)
Great Dane Home Page (non-frame)
Great Dane in History and Art
Great Dane Kennel Names
Great Dane Memorials
Great Dane Pedigrees
Great Dane Poetry
Great Dane Study Page
Health Articles by Linda Arndt
Hoflin's Great Dane Home Page
How to Heal a Split Tail
Large & Giant Breed Health Links
Sierra Dane's Great Dane FAQ's
Wey Farm's "Tthe Great Dane"
You be the Judge (fun site with tutorial for judging conformation)

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